GitLab High Availability Certification

GitLab provides a service that is usually essential to most organizations: it enables people to collaborate on code in a timely fashion.

The GitLab High Availability Certification will teach you the skills you need to architect, design and implement the GitLab application and its various sub-systems in a highly available way. Considerations for persistent data tiers and ephemeral application tiers will be examined. Also, we will discuss running GitLab in a public cloud environment or an on-premises environment.


What is HA?

GitLab HA basics

Security Considerations

Implementing GitLab HA

GitLab HA Case Studies


Getting the Certification

This certification program is offered as a GitLab project. You will need to download the project as instructed below and import it into your own namespace to get started. The example below assumes you are going to import it into your own personal namespace - but the project could be imported into any namespace or GitLab server.

1 Download the certification project here
2 Import the project by following these steps:
  • Go to New Project
  • Select Import Project
  • Select GitLab Export
  • Give your project a name and select the correct namespace
  • Select the export file you downloaded in step 1
  • Click Import Project
For more help, see this documentation.
3 Open the first issue in the project - Welcome to the certification program! - to get started.

Follow the instructions there for completing your certification.